Stomp out surprises in production

Prodzilla is a modern, open-source synthetic monitoring tool. It allows testing complex user flows in production environments, and optimises for human readability of system behaviour.

Everything you need to test in production

The following features are ready or in progress:

Verify Any Customer Flow

Track complex user behaviour through probes, chained requests and detailed assertions.

CI/CD Integration And Scheduling

Choose when to verify. After deployment, on a schedule, or triggered manually.

Human Readable

Prodzilla specs are built to be understood by anyone, so your stakeholders - or even customers - can read and write them.

Track Behavioural Changes

See a history of all defined and observed behaviour for given endpoints, and get alerts when it changes.

Notification Integrations

Site down? Get notified through Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and more.

Test and Observe

Use the same tool for integration tests and production observability - because why shouldn't they be the same?

Build more reliable products.